Level Of Patriotism In Youth

It is absolutely essential today that the youth of Pakistan should know the exact meaning of PATRIOTISM. They unfortunartely do not know what it actually means. However we do come across many different examples that show us the positive spirit in youngsters for the betterment of our country. The oldest and the biggest examples seen in the history of our country for patriotism is in year of Independence 1947. We can never match upto the sacrifices people of our nation made for the existence of our Loves Nation-OUR PAKISTAN.

True patriotic spirit in Pakistan  is having a love for Pakistan. It represents someone who loves this country and supports the country’s authority and interests through the good times and the bad times. It is acknowledging the injustices and cruelties that are part of our nation’s history and current conditions, as well as our incredible accomplishments. But most of all, it is having a dream of a united Pakistan and  a country of freedom, justice, fairness, and equality for everyone, and by admitting that this dream is not quite a reality; that work is still needed. In present time, it seems that the Pakistani patriotism is declining. Many people seem  unappreciative of our Pakistani  culture  heritage and the great price many have paid for it.

Our youth of today is ignorant towards the great hardships or extreme danger to the life of the people in the fight for freedom in 1947.  I have read that the youth of today is twenty percent of the population, but one hundred percent of the future. Thus, if the younger generation does not have a great understanding of what this nation is about, then in a few generations there will no longer be a Pakistan. Pakistans future is heavily based on the principles around patriotism. Patriotism helps in revitalizing the Pakistani spirit across our land so that the best of our country’s heritage is continually recognized as the basis of our local and national life.

A fan with a face painted in the colours of the Pakistan flag

We live in a country that is always going through periods of great times and periods of recession, right now we are in recession and in need to come out of it. One thing that we can do to help is to realize what are patriotic role is for this country and be loyal to our country and what it stands for. My vision for the Pakistanis is to end this recession, prosper again as a country, and have job opportunities for every citizen. My role as a youth is to voice my opinion, because we are the next generation, and hopefully be heard and help change things for our country.
As a patriot of this country, I know two ways that I can be loyal to Pakistan specifically. One is by standing everyday to the National Anthem of Pakistan and to recite the word to the National Anthem at every sporting event that I am at. Second that to keep the spirit of Islam alive in The hearts of the youth.

Level of patriotism in youth could be seen during the very recent match against India.Alot of arrangements were made for the match but unfortunately Pakistan lost this match. On the return of the Pakistani team specially the youth played a very positive role in giving our cricket team a very warm welcome and cricket team captain (Shahid Afridi) was amazed at the way he was greeted and encouraged by the people of Pakistan.



Farazeh Babar

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